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The Andrew Denton question that broke Angry Anderson

The Andrew Denton question that broke Angry Anderson

 In an in-depth chat with Andrew Denton on Channel Seven’s Interview, Gary “Angry” Anderson has opened up about life after losing his youngest son, Liam Anderson.

26-year-old Liam died after an altercation with 20-year-old Matthew Flame, in Queenscliff, NSW at 6 am in the morning of November 4 last year.

A fight which occurred after Liam went to assist Flame, who was under the influence of drugs and alcohol, led to the death of Angry's youngest son.

The aspiring rapper was described as a “beautiful soul” by his family.

The passionate 71-year-old father opened up in an emotional interview on Andrew Denton’s Channel Seven program and discussed life after the tragic loss.

The veteran host agreed to not discuss the details of the night Liam lost his life or even mention his name, and instead focussed on life for Angry Anderson in the last six months.

“I know that I can’t use anger to express myself,” the singer explained.

“I am not angry. I am just profoundly sad. The bad days are awful. Sometimes I just don’t leave the house. Nothing can describe those first terrible days.”

Sitting alongside Angry was Liam’s older sister Roxanne who paid tribute to her little brother as a “beautiful soul".

“He was so kind and very gentle, very similar to what dad is like with us,” she shared.

“He always saw the best in everything, he was positive. He had so much love to give to everyone, not just his family, complete strangers.

“He had amazing strength for such a young person. If he wanted something he worked hard to get it, especially around his music.”

Denton asked, “The last thing he did was to be kind. Do you take any comfort from that?”

“I've tried, I've tried,” a distraught Angry explained.

“I can’t think about those last moments.”

“But one thing I did say … in the press, just to right some wrong things that were being printed, was that the way he was raised is what got him into that situation. He was looking after somebody. And so, do I regret that? How could I possibly regret that? He was the man I wanted him to be.”

Distraught, Angry broke down in tears while saying, “I can’t do this, I’m sorry.”

The Rose Tattoo lead singer further said he was going through the process of learning “acceptance".

“Believing that time heals, et cetera, they’re all true. The reason they’re cliches is because they’re true. Time takes care of us in the most beautiful way if we allow that to happen. I’ve learnt that the hard way, like we all do.”

Roxanne explained the horrific tragedy has brought the family closer together.

“We still have happiness, regardless of something that has been so tragic for us,” she said.

“If anything it’s taken the love for each other and the appreciation for each other to a whole other level.”