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Revealed: Why The Voice judges always wear the same outfits

 Revealed: Why The Voice judges always wear the same outfits

If you’ve been tuning into this season of The Voice Australia, then you might have noticed the coaches have been wearing the exact same outfit in every episode.

It’s a question that has baffled fans of the Channel 9 talent show, and so far nine episodes have aired featuring the same gold two-piece outfit on Kelly Rowlands, the glittery frock donned by Delta Goodrem, the chic matching suit set on Guy Sebastian and the bold, red hat worn by Boy George.

If you have googled the answer before, then perhaps you might be aware of why exactly not just the Australian judges, but also the UK judges wear the same outfits in the blind auditions.

It has been revealed the reason is quite simple – for editing purposes.

The blind auditions are filmed over four days, however, producers are never quite sure which singer will end up in each episode.

Having the coaches dress in the same outfits means the TV editors can easily cut and paste auditions from different days and put them into the same episode without viewers having any idea.

If you’re getting bored of seeing the judges in the same outfits, change is coming soon.

While they will be wearing the same looks in the next episode to air this Sunday, the judging panel will be seen in different outfits for the next stage of the competition.