Investigator reveals Michael Hutchence's lover's shocking revelation

Investigator reveals Michael Hutchence's lover's shocking revelation

A detective in charge of the Michael Hutchence death case has insisted that he got it right as he detailed the investigation on the late rock star and the claims made by partner Paula Yates.

In the True Crime Australia podcast, former detective Inspector Mark Smith shared the heated conversation he had with Hutchence’s partner days after the INXS frontman’s body was found in Sydney’s Ritz-Carlton hotel in 1997.

Smith said Yates was adamant that Hutchence’s death was not a suicide, but a result of sexual misadventure.

“She may have even had a few drinks, I’m not sure, but she said she wanted to talk to the coroner and tell him it was some weird sex thing that Michael would have been doing,” said Smith, claiming that Yates recounted the couple’s sexual practices afterwards in an attempt to convince him.

Smith said he believes he came to the right conclusion following a “thorough investigation”, citing the events that happened on the night and the substances that were found in the singer’s body.

According to Smith, Hutchence made and received a series of emotional phone calls to multiple people, including Yates’ ex-husband Bob Geldof, personal manager Martha Troup and ex-partner Michele Bennett.

“It all points to one thing … it points to the fact he was depressed,” said Smith. “He had a lot of things in his system, Prozac, cocaine, alcohol and other prescribed drugs, and it was a perfect storm, all these things coming together.”

Despite the rumours surrounding Hutchence’s cause of death, Smith said, “Take your mind away from who it was, Michael Hutchence, and take your mind to who it wasn’t, concentrate on the scene and the facts, which is what you do with any type of death.”

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