Iconic Aussie singer unmasked

Iconic Aussie singer unmasked

The Masked Singer Australia’s Goldfish has been revealed to be Christine Anu after a spectacular performance.

Anu had the guessing panel on their feet during her rendition of Bon Jobi’s It’s My Life, however it sadly would not be enough to get her to the next round of the show.

Before Christine Anu revealed her identity, Urzila Carlson had Goldfish pegged as Young Talent Time performer Tina Arena.

Dave Hughes has his own suspicion it was taekwondo Olympian Lauren Burns, but Jackie O was leaning towards Play School presenter Justine Clarke.

Dannii Minogue had an inkling the talented fish could be actress Ruby Rose.

After Anu removed her mask, panellist Dannii Minogue exclaimed: “The weirdest thing is, we guessed your name so many times last year!”

Guessing panellist Jackie O added: “We’d given up on guessing you!”

Christine Anu might be hanging up her costume, however there is much more to come in The Masked Singer Australia sea.

In the first performance of the night, the alluring and mysterious Dragonfly had everyone grooving to pop banger Dance Monkey by Tones & I.

Frillneck set Urzila Carlson’s heart alight with a captivating take at Breaking Me by Topic & A7S.

Queen seemed to give the performance of the night, delivering a hypnotic take on Ciara’s Paint It Black.

To finish the night out was Puppet, who still gives Dannii Minogue the ‘heebie-jeebies’, but nonetheless owned the stage with their version of Queen’s Somebody To Love.