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The best places to hike in Switzerland

The best places to hike in Switzerland

Switzerland is known for snow-capped mountains, glassy lakes, waterfalls, verdant valleys and moors. In between, it all is a dense network of hiking trails – ripe for exploration.

More than 1500 Swiss volunteers have ensured that each of the trails is clearly marked with signposts and way-markers and the tracks are pedantically maintained.

According to the Swiss Tourism board, about 50 per cent of Australian visitors to Switzerland will embark on at least one hike during their stay. Most people choose to DIY – because it’s so easy.

So where should you start?

The Via Alpina is the classic among the long-distance hikes in Switzerland. This trail crosses 14 of the most beautiful alpine passes. It meanders through the northern Alps of Switzerland (Vaduz – Montreux, via six cantons). On this trail, you will experience the picture-postcard scenery and fine Swiss hospitality.

The Alpine Passes Trail is challenging and wild. It connects Chur with Lake Geneva via some of the most stunning passes in the Graubünden and Valais Alps. This trail is ideal for long-distance hikers. Expect views of 4000m peaks and classic mountain huts.

The Jura Crest Trail is the oldest long-distance trail in Switzerland. Relatively unknown to non-Swiss hikers, this gentle, easy graded-trail is a local favourite. The Jura Crest hike connects Zurich and Geneva via the Jura mountains. You’ll walk through an untouched remote landscape with glorious views.

Written by Alison Godfrey. Republished with permission of MyDiscoveries.