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Fri, 8 Feb, 2019Joanita Wibowo

The $99 ALDI Special Buy that's tipped to spark a "mass stampede"

The $99 ALDI Special Buy that's tipped to spark a "mass stampede"

ALDI is bringing back caravanning and road-tripping items for its Special Buys products being released on Saturday, ahead of the Easter holidays.

Looking back at past years’ sales, shoppers can expect a frenzy “like rush hour on Boxing Day” on Saturday morning.

One of the most popular items are $99.99 caravan covers, which are made from moisture-resistant fabric and come in three sizes.

A shopper shared their experience on Caravaners Forum in getting the coveted item: “I survived the stampede,” the shopper wrote. “Sold out in 5 min. I lined up at my local store at 7.45 am and by opening (8.30) there was 200 customers waiting.”

Another customer shared a similar story from his partner: “Good value, wife got me one last time but is still recovering from the mass stampede and fights of grumpy old men,” he wrote on the Caravan & Motorhome forum.

The sales seemed to get the best of customers, with some describing how “frantic” the atmosphere got once the store opened.

“Man was it busy in Maryborough, the fight started in the car park and continued inside,” a user wrote on Caravaners Forum. “Kept hearing ‘sorry sold out’ as I wandered around the store.”

Other products up for grabs in the Saturday sale include $89.99 portable BBQ grill/hotplates, $99.99 thermal cookers and $99.99 portable washing machines.

Also on offer is a range of car accessories, including $9.99 backseat organisers.

The Special Buys will go on sale on Saturday at all ALDI stores while stocks last.

Will you be lining up for the caravanning items tomorrow? Let us know in the comments.