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The $7 Kmart item Aussie frequent flyers are swearing by

The $7 Kmart item Aussie frequent flyers are swearing by

Kmart has quickly become the place to shop amongst frequent flyers for the discount travel gear it continues to offer. From suitcases to sleep masks, the discount department store is bound to have everything you need to ensure that your next flight is a comfortable one.

However, there's one item that has caught the attention of jet setters: The $7 TSA lock.

Photo source: Kmart

An essential when travelling to the US, a TSA lock is a lock that airport security officials can open if they want to do a random luggage check. If they choose your luggage, they leave a note inside saying that they’ve checked your bag.

Airport convenience stores sell these locks too, but you’ll be paying a lot more than $7 for it.

Kmart have a range of products that are bound to help you when you’re travelling abroad. The range includes packing cubes, digital scales or a double USB charger.

However, just because it’s cheap from Kmart doesn’t automatically mean that it’s the cheapest option available.

It’s important to do your research in order to get the best bargain.