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Mile high club: Pilot reveals the truth about what REALLY goes on

Mile high club: Pilot reveals the truth about what REALLY goes on

Former navy pilot Chick McElwee started a company called Air Australia International that offers chartered flights, patient transfer and repatriation, as well as flight instruction.

However, he offers something else that has piqued people’s interest – mile-high flights, which are flights where passengers are encouraged to have sex in the air, and they have sent his bookings through the roof.

The idea came from someone making a passing comment about what the bed was for on board the plane.

McElwee thought on his feet and didn’t mention it was for transporting unwell passengers, and said it was for couples wishing to join the mile-high club.

He shared with

“I said we’d done about 25 flights,” the pilot recounted.  

“And then, suddenly, we started getting heaps of inquiries.”

He’s improved the original cabin design, but the basics are still there: a double bed with fresh linen and pillows, a bottle of champagne, chocolates and the privacy curtain drawn between the cabin and the cockpit.

For those who are worried about the pilot hearing your rendezvous, you needn’t worry.

“You don’t really hear anything because the engines are so loud,” McElwee said about piloting the mile-high flights, “but you do feel it move because the plane is balanced. So when people move back and forward – you feel it.”

Air Australia’s mile-high club is open to anyone over the age of 18 and who has a spare hour and $750 to spend for the flight.

McElwee’s passengers have included celebrities, sportspeople as well as glamour models.

“The customer base is not what you think it is,” he laughs.

The customer base in question includes a 70-year-old woman who has flown multiple times with her much younger lovers as well as a naked man who was so desperate for another bottle of champagne, he burst into the cockpit searching for one.