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Wed, 6 Mar, 2019Tiana Gullotta

6 amazingly underrated things to do in Amsterdam

It’s always a good idea to explore a city away from tour guides and tourist hot spots. By wandering off and exploring this new world for yourself you could find some hidden gems where you would least expect it. And Amsterdam is no exception, with these underrated experiences you should add to your must-see and must-do list.

1. DapperMarkt

DapperMarkt is one of the most famous street markets in Amsterdam and it is made clear why. The market stretches along Dapperstraat in Amsterdam-Oost where hundreds of vendors align the street offering goods that change every day.

2. Thuis aan de Amstel

For those who are lovers of culinary arts and all things good food, this restaurant is a must-see. Thuis aan de Amstel designs unique menus each day and compliments the food with specially-paired coffee, beer and wine.

3. A’dam Toren

Who doesn’t want to see a 360-degree view of an insanely beautiful city? No one. The A’dam Toren provides the view, restaurants, shopping and a hotel. Everything you can ever need, all in one place.

4. IJ-Hallen Flea Market

IJ-Hallen Flea Market is the largest in all of Europe, with over 750 vendors, so it’s not to be missed. The market is located in two massive warehouses where a wide range of goods are sold, such as second-hand clothing, antiques, food and furniture.

5. Tropenmuseum

Amsterdam has over 70 museums but all of them weld together in Tropenmuseum. Known as the “museum of world cultures,” it contains cultural art and exhibitions from around the world.

6. Stroopwafels at Van Wonderen

And finally, how could you visit this city without trying its most famous treat – waffles.

The stroopwafels consist of two thin waffle cookies with baked caramel in the centre. A pastry shop by the name of Van Wonderen is famous amongst tourists and locals for these sweet treats.

Scroll through the gallery above to see the six most underrated things to see and do in Amsterdam.

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