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Bus driver hailed a hero after heartwarming act

Bus driver hailed a hero after heartwarming act

Canberra bus driver Jeet Gill has been hailed a hero after he drove to “the other side of town” to reunite a scared boy and his distraught parents.

The incident took place several months ago, after the young boy decided the catch the bus home from school – but then accidentally switched to the wrong bus at the interchange.

He was on Mr Gill’s bus – and in an act of pure kindness, the driver decided to drop him off right to his front door after he discovered the mix-up towards the end of his shift.

The boy’s parents initially grew concerned after their son was no where to be found when they went to pick him up from school, but they started to panic shortly after as he still wasn’t home half an hour after he should have been had he caught his regular school bus.

His mother left the family home to search for him while his father remained at the residence in case the child turned up.

Just as the father was gearing up to call the police, Mr Gill pulled up outside to deliver the child to his frantic parents.

“After realising the situation, the driver drove all the way to our place to drop him off … completely the other side of town,” said the boy’s father.

“That bus driver went above and beyond, and I hope he gets thanked.”

Speaking to Our Canberra, Mr Gill said the child had approached him towards the end of the route, and explained that he had caught the wrong bus and didn’t know how to get home.

Mr Gill then called his managers to ask whether he could drive the boy home, and Transport Canberra approved the request.

The little boy gave directions to his home where his parents were waiting.

“The parents were so glad and thankful,” said Mr Gill.

“It was nice to see that they were happy that their kid was safe.”

He said he enjoyed his job and loved meeting new people every day.

“I love meting different kinds of people every day,” he said.

“When people say hello, it makes your day.”

He stressed the importance of parents and caregivers to teach children their home address and the carer’s mobile phone number, and how to identify a trusted adult if they need help.

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