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8 top tips for saving money on a cruise

8 top tips for saving money on a cruise

Cruising is getting more and more popular in Australia and New Zealand, so why not take advantage of all the little deals, discounts and bargains you can get that usually only come with taking a voyage across the seas.

Here are a few sneaky savings to look out for when booking a cruise.

1. Pick interior cabins

You really don’t need that balcony or extra perk suite, because let’s face it – you’re on a ship for a limited time. How much time will you be spending in your stateroom anyway?

2. Ask for some money back

If you notice your cruise fare is lower than when you booked it, it wouldn’t hurt in asking your cruise liner to lower your fare too. There is no harm in trying, even if you get knocked back.

3. Follow cruise lines on social media

Instagram, Twitter and Facebook accounts for cruise lines can be gold mines to scout deals and discounts. Maybe even a giveaway, too.

4. Sail on older vessels

If you’re not too picky or don’t really mind which cruise ship you sail off in the sunset to, then opt for an older vessel.

5. Subscribe to emails from cruise lines

Golden nuggets are always hiding in your emails, so don’t be afraid to be flooded with a full inbox of deals and offers – there are hundreds of dollars, and even thousands to be saved.

6. Travel in the off-season

You may get a rainy day here or there, but the big discounts may be worth the trouble.

7. Book your cruise onboard

Already on a cruise and want to book a new one? Book your next passage at the friendly help desk and reap big rewards for remaining loyal.

8. Get a cabin guarantee

If you’re not too fussed about where exactly your cruise ship room is, then you can lock into a room-type tier on a large cruise and guarantee a minimum level of comfort. If your chosen category fills up, you get bumped up to a better room with no price difference.

Do you have any tips when it comes to saving money on a cruise? Let us know in the comments below.