Shannen Findlay


5 easy ways to save big on your next cruise

5 easy ways to save big on your next cruise

Cruising can be as inexpensive as you make it, if you know what to do to get the best deal possible.

If you’re looking for a cruise bargain, then keep an eye out for these easy ways to get heavily discounted prices and perks.

1. Early bird catches the worm

Cruise lines love to fill their cabins early and offer seriously good early bird deals for those who might be willing to book a year or so ahead.

To entice prospective customers, cruise lines will offer discounted deals, free flights to places like Europe and Asia, drink deals, on-board spending credit, discounts for the second guest, specialty dining deals and discounts for second guests.

2. Snap it up last minute

This is a risky way to get the cruise you want at the best price but waiting for the last few weeks before embarkation means cruise lines are usually keen to fill the leftover cabins that have not been booked yet.

Heavily reduced prices are typically on offer for those willing to wait until last minute but be aware, if the ship is full – you’ll miss out altogether.

3. Find the line you love and be loyal

Regular cruisers who use the same line will progressively earn more extras. From free laundry to Wi-Fi, and discounted to even free cruises, there are perks on offer when you remain loyal.

4. Attended an expo

Travel companies hold expos to show off travel deals and their services, and often include cruises which offer lucrative discounts on the day

5. Buy your next cruise while on your current cruise

Near the reception desk is usually an information desk which tells you about future cruises coming up. These information stands don’t just have heavily discounted prices but can maybe be haggled down to get something just a little bit better than what’s already being offered.

Do you have any tips when it comes to landing a bargain on cruises? Let us know in the comments below.