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Why Tom Gleeson quit as the host of Hard Quiz

Why Tom Gleeson quit as the host of Hard Quiz

Tom Gleeson, host of the popular TV show Hard Quiz, shocked everyone when he announced he was quitting as host of the show last week. 

He released a statement on Twitter saying he was leaving.

“I’ve decided to step down as the host of Hard Quiz and discontinue production of the show. This was not an easy decision to make and I appreciate there are many fans of the show for which I will always be grateful,” Gleeson wrote.

“The demands of hosting a show has meant I was unable to spend as much time as I would like to performing stand up. I’ve loved making Hard Quiz and I will miss it.”

The announcement was a definite surprise to the ABC, who responded with their own statement.

“Tom’s statement that he has sacked himself from Hard Quiz is news to us, particularly as we have 10 new episodes airing later this year,” the ABC said.

However, it turns out that it was all an elaborate prank. Tom Gleeson, last year, launched a social media campaign to help Grant Denyer win the Gold Logie after Family Feud was axed.

At the time, Gleeson said: “Let’s push the Logies to its most absurd extreme ever and give the Gold Logie to a guy that doesn’t have a TV show.”

The campaign ended up working and Denyer won the Gold Logie, so it was only natural that when Gleeson was up for a Gold Logie himself, he would pull the same stunt.

“Last year proved you can only win if you don’t have a show,” Gleeson wrote on Twitter, when news of the prank broke. 

“That’s why I axed myself. When I win Gold, I promise I will un-axe #HardQuiz immediately. Please forgive me HARD!”

The funnyman spoke to about how he would bring back the popular show if he won the Gold Logie.

“I am holding Hard Quiz hostage,” he joked. “I have the show in my basement with a gun aimed at its head. If you do not vote for me, Hard Quiz is dead.

“If you love the show, the only way for it to stay on air is for you to vote for me to get the Gold Logie, otherwise I will deny Australia Hard Quiz.”

However, Gleeson is well aware of his Gold Logie nominees competition, which includes Amanda Keller and host of Gardening Australia Costa Georgiadis.

“Costa’s got a nomination for the Gold, and it’s tricky because he’s going to split the ABC vote,” Gleeson said.

“People have to remember that he’s a gardener, he’s not even in show business. He’s one step up from mowing a lawn, really. I host an actual show in prime time and he does an infomercial on Fridays on the ABC that doesn’t rate anywhere near mine.”

Gleeson was also well aware of where last year’s Gold Logie winner Grant Denyer’s support lied.

“If he (Denyer) has a moral compass he will fall in behind me, but I don’t think he does, that’s the problem,” Gleeson said.

“Everyone knows he owes me big time, and he didn’t even buy me lunch or dinner. I got one text after he won Gold that said, ‘That was funny, wasn’t it!’ Well yeah, it was, but just quietly, I heard nothing else back from him and next thing I hear is that he’s getting behind Amanda Keller because apparently she deserves it.

“Nobody deserves anything except for me, I deserve justice,” he joked.