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Woman writes genius note to noisy neighbour

Woman writes genius note to noisy neighbour

Dealing with a noisy neighbour is tricky – but this woman from New Jersey in the US took the high road and tried a different approach.

Candice Benbow was getting used to the fact that her neighbour loved to play loud music. However, one night when the noise blasted into the wee hours, Benbow finally had enough.

While others might call the police or talk to the strata committee, Benbow decided to pick up her baking tools and make a cake at 3.30 in the morning to pass on to her neighbour with the note. 

“I wanted the best way to tell my neighbor that he tried it with his late night party,” Benbow said.

Accompanying the cake was a whimsical letter, which she also posted on her Twitter page. 

“When you come home every evening and blast music, I’ve come to expect it,” Benbow said in the letter. She even admitted that the loud music helped her “catch a vibe” and find new songs for her weekly playlists.

“But last night… Fam, you tried it,” she wrote. “I don’t know if you were hosting the official afterparty for our building’s holiday social … In the future, as you’re hosting your kickbacks and come throughs, please remember the rest of us.”

To her surprise, the gesture worked – and she shared all the updates on Twitter.

The neighbour, Tommy Amaro, turned out to be a music video director, which explains the loud music. 

“It was just beautiful because if it was another neighbour, they would’ve at least tried to call the cops on me, try to knock me out and this was like, it was cool,” Amaro told Inside Edition.

Benbow also learned that Amaro was having his first Christmas without his daughter, who died in a car accident.

“It was a sweet and gentle reminder that we never know what folks are going through and it is always best to lead with kindness,” said Benbow.

She confirmed that now she can enjoy being home without the noise. “He has been quiet as a church mouse,” she said.

What do you think about this woman's strategy to put an end to her noisy neighbour? How do you deal with noisy neighbours? Tell us in the comments below.