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The Kmart hack that keeps herbs fresh for six weeks

The Kmart hack that keeps herbs fresh for six weeks

A Kmart shopper has revealed how she keeps fresh herbs purchased from the supermarket in her refrigerator for up to six weeks.

Posting on Facebook group Kmart Hacks & Decor, Natasha praised the store's 4.5 Litre Fridge Food Saver which promises to keep items like herbs fresher for longer.

“I am so in shock with these Kmart fridge containers,” Natasha wrote on the page.

“I bought this coriander on January 30 and I have kept it in one of Kmart’s fridge containers and it is yet to go limp or rot.

“I kept parsley for over six weeks in one of these containers they are just amazing and such food savers.”

Natasha posted a photo of a bunch of coriander from Coles which appeared fresh, and an image of its use by date which reads "best before 4FEB21".

She also commented: “They have saved me money as well, as I am not throwing out bad fruit and vegetables as much”.

Other members of the Kmart Hacks & Decor page posted on Facebook about their positive experiences with the Kmart Food Savers, which sell for $9, with a smaller 1.7 litre size going for $7.

“We keep our baby spinach in one of these and the length of time it keeps for now is amazing!” one wrote.

Another fan said: “Yes, I got some last weekend and I already love them. Going to get a couple more.”

While yet another enthusiast revealed they used the container for storing “freshly cooked prawns … perfect over Christmas and kept them fresh for days,” another had a warning.

One woman said the container, which includes a removable drainer, was only suitable for cleaning by handwashing.

“Hubby ruined mine by putting them in the dishwasher,” she wrote.

Another added: “The label says dishwasher safe but they are not dishwasher safe.”