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Jackie O reveals health battle in lockdown

Jackie O reveals health battle in lockdown

Radio host Jackie "O" Henderson has revealed that she's the new face of weight loss program Weight Watchers after battling with her own weight issues in lockdown.

“When we were in isolation, I just started eating really unhealthy and then I got into this big rut that I couldn’t get out of“ the 45-year-old told Natalie Barr on Tuesday.

“I noticed I was putting on more and more weight and with that I didn’t want to go out and I think my confidence was just shot.”

Henderson revealed that she "stopped socialising completely" due to her feelings about her body.

“I just got to a point where I wasn’t doing anything,” she explained.

“I was coming home everyday from work, watching TV, and I was setting a bad example for my daughter as well by not eating healthier, having far too much takeout.”

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“Everything was getting on top of me and I didn’t really know how to start finding my way back.”

Henderson is documenting her weight loss journey with the public and approached WW to try one of their plans.

She ended up signing on as a celebrity ambassador instead, with the aim of losing 10 kilograms.

“I thought OK, this has to stop, I have to do something where I’m starting to feel good about myself again, I need to get back to the way I used to feel,” she said.

“So I reached out to WW because I’d heard a lot of great things about their plan and their holistic approach to not only losing weight but feeling good about yourself and exercising a bit more, so all of those things really appealed to me.”

“When you put yourself out there for something like this, you kind of have got to come through with the goods,” she said.

“I knew that it was something that was not only going to not only put a lot of pressure on me, but it would put me under the microscope.”

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