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"How is this possible?": Woolworths delivery leaves family in shock

"How is this possible?": Woolworths delivery leaves family in shock

A family from NSW has taken to Facebook after they unpacked their Woolworths home delivery to find "dodgy" carrots, rotting onions and missing items.

“These were part of our home delivery tonight. The bag of carrots is use by tomorrow - even if it wasn’t already dodgy, I couldn’t eat a bag of carrots in one night... Also a whole bag worth of frozen groceries missing,” the frustrated customer wrote on the store's Facebook page on Tuesday.

The customer posted photos of a bag of carrots with some that appear to have turned into mush and two rotting red onions.

The customers said the "dodgy" delivery wasn't a one-off incident that they received deliveries with missing items quite often.

“I think this is about our fourth delivery in a row where items that were supposed to be delivered were not,” the man said.

“We never get an apology, just a refund,” the woman replied.

Facebook users were appalled at the state of the delivery and took to the comments to condemn the supermarket giant.

“How is this even possible? WTF,” one person commented.

A few people were concerned that those who relied on home deliveries for groceries were not receiving products of the highest quality.

“I guess it’s their way of getting rid of produce they can't sell. Taking advantage of those who can't get to shops. Covid has certainly not helped,” one user insisted.

“The other thing that breaks my heart is what about the poor elderly that rely on delivery services like these? They can't use a whole loaf of bread for example in a day... (that's even if it's in date),” another person replied.

“Care factor for customer health? Zero. Care factor for profit margins? 100 per cent,” the original poster wrote.

A spokesperson for Woolworths said the supermarket was aware of the customer's complaint and apologised "for missing the mark on this occasion".

“We know it's frustrating when the quality of some products in our online orders aren’t up to our usual standard,” the spokesperson said in a statement.

“We’re keen to follow up with our in-store team and are awaiting more information from the customer to do so.

“If our customers have any concerns about the quality of the product they receive, we always encourage them to return the product back to their local store for a refund or replacement.”