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Good news for Coles shoppers!

Good news for Coles shoppers!

Coles, the supermarket giant, has given new life to a much-loved Aussie brand, which will expand the range of Coles-branded food by 1.8 million cans – thanks to a huge new deal with SPC. 

SPC had its value slashed from $147 million down to virtually nothing, after owners Coca-Cola Amatil couldn’t secure a buyer for the manufacturing facilities in Shepparton, Victoria.

However, SPC managing director, Reg Weine, could not be more thrilled about the new business deal with Coles. He told

“It is great to see Coles continue to support local businesses and growers.”

“The Coles brand volume will improve our factory utilisation and will also provide our growers with an additional outlet for their quality fruit.”

SPC Fruit Salad

The news will ease anxieties of local growers in the area, like John Paulos. This is due to the new range of locally farmed peaches, pears and apricots that will be sold via Coles.

“Each peach tree represents a seven-year commitment until they are producing fruit, and it’s even longer for pears — you plant pears for your heirs — so to have a commitment from Coles for this fruit makes life so much easier,” he said.

“It takes a while to get a tree cropping and there’s not really any fresh market demand for the fruit, as these varieties are especially grown for canning.

“So, to be able to maintain these trees and not have to think about replanting new varieties is very important to us.”

Head of Coles Brand, Mark Field, said that the chain is proud to expand its range of Australian-grown fruit.

“We know our customers want top quality food, and equally they want to know that they are helping to support Australian farmers and Australian jobs,” he said in a statement.