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Consumers in shock: Iconic Aussie brand shunned by Woolworths

Consumers in shock: Iconic Aussie brand shunned by Woolworths

Woolworths has removed the much-loved brand of Uncle Tobys from its shelves amid rumours of a price increase that the supermarket giant wasn’t willing to pay.

In a media release from Nestle, who own Uncle Tobys, the price increase is due to the drought affecting their farmers in Victoria.

pHowever, experts have warned that fresh food including fruit and vegetables could be next.

The National Retail Association chief executive Dominique Lamb has suggested similar cost pressures and explained to Weekend Sunrise that suppliers are under a huge amount of pressure as costs continue to rise.

“We know a lot of businesses are finding it difficult with increases in utilities prices.

“Also with the cost of labour ... all businesses are going through these things so I think we will see this continue from time to time.”

Ms Lamb also explained her thoughts as to what will happen to the fresh food market.

“I think it will happen ... but hopefully everyone can maintain their relationships, because as consumers we will all suffer.

“It is the consumer who bears the difficulties around this where they can't get their product if there are big price hikes.”

Nestle spokeswoman Margaret Stuart confirmed that the supplier had encountered issues with Woolworths. Stuart told The Daily Mail:

“We have a supply issue with Woolworths which we’re both working hard to resolve to make sure that our breakfast cereal products are available again there soon.”

Stuart also mentioned that the supply issue hasn’t impacted Coles.

“We can confirm that Uncle Tobys and Nestlé breakfast cereals are available at Coles.”

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