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Showdown: Are home brand products as good as label brands?

Showdown: Are home brand products as good as label brands?

ALDI is a force to be reckoned with in the supermarket space, if you believe the customers rave reviews about the bargain prices and deals you can snag from the German store.

Questions have since been raised about how the supermarket’s food items taste compared to the brand names they knock off.

ALDI converts Nat and Nick spoke to A Current Affair about how they’ve changed their brand-name buying ways.

"If it tastes the same, why not? But they even look the same so when I first started buying them, I thought I was buying the originals," Nat said.

"So the CC's are around $1.70, and these El Toro's are around 87 cents, so that's nearly half price really."

According to retail expert Gary Mortimer, this is exactly the supermarket’s goal.

"Aldi do a couple of things right, such as the packaging of their private label products. They mimic very closely a national branded products and they do so that shoppers can easily identify them," Mortimer said.

"You might see packets of crumpets or packets of cereal or biscuits that look very similar to the national branded product.

"They also invest heavily in quality, particularly in ingredients and taste quality and therefore get customers coming back very quickly."

Scroll through the gallery to see the similarities between home-brand and branded products, including Tim Tams, Milo and Nutrigrain.

Photo credits: A Current Affair