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Lisa Curry returns to the pool with adorable grandson

Lisa Curry returns to the pool with adorable grandson

In a swimming career that spanned 23 years, Lisa Curry was consistently ranked as one of the top 25 swimmers in the world.

Representing the country a total of 16 times from 1977 to 1992, she remains the only Australian competitor to have held Commonwealth and Australian record in every stroke except backstroke.

And now, after a long break, the 58-year-old is making her way back into the pool.

Taking to Instagram on Monday, the athlete shared a video of her returning to the pool.

"Rolling the tired heavy arms over," Lisa began.

She added: "Time to get my mojo back - first swim for ages - seems like forever... actually was I ever an olympic swimmer but at least my nieces googles suit me And Flynn.... omg... cutest ever! @morgangruell @ryan.gruell."

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In the video, Lisa starts off her swim with a few laps of freestyle.

It then cuts to her grandson Flynn, who is eagerly waiting for his swimming lesson.

"Are you a good swimmer, will you be good like granny?" Lisa can be hear asking her grandson.

"Yeah!" Flynn enthusiastically replies, before giving a demonstration of his freestyle using his "big arms."

"Good boy! Yay! What Olympics is that? 2040 Olympics, 50 freestyle," the proud grandmother can be heard telling Flynn.

Fans quickly made their way to the comments to react to Lisa's return to the pool as well as her adorable relationship with her grandson.

"I hope he has your love for the water," Flynn's father Ryan said.

"Congrats Lisa, it's so hard to get up and moving after tragedy & trauma. You're doing so well," another person wrote.

"Your stroke hasn't changed!! Flynn's big arms are gorgeous," a third penned.

"You're wonderful and always inspiring," a fourth mused.