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Kmart label fail sends shoppers into stitches

Kmart label fail sends shoppers into stitches

A Kmart shopper has spotted a hilariously incorrect warning on a label attached to a branded set of curtain lights. 

Taking to the Kmart decor Facebook group, the customer shared the bizarre label with fellow shoppers that read: “if the cable of the light chain is damaged, it cannot be repaired and the dog must be destroyed.”

Image: Facebook

The woman captioned the hilarious image with: “I guess it’s a good thing we’re not dog people. 

“Who knew string lights could do such a thing?” 

Many could not decipher what the typo or intended joke actually meant, but the bizarre instructions left Facebook users in stitches. 

“That’s a bit harsh,” one person wrote. 

“That escalated quickly,” another added. 

“What bloody dog?!” a third comment read. 

Another shopper offered a hilarious alternative to the label, suggesting that the “person who wrote this was like ‘I wonder if anyone actually reads these… let’s put something weird and see.” 

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