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Hilarious mistake found in ALDI Special Buys purchase

Hilarious mistake found in ALDI Special Buys purchase

An ALDI shopper has spotted a fashion fail in her recent Special Buys purchase.

Leonie took to the Aldi Mums Facebook group to share her Organics By Serra Women’s Organic Cotton Long Sleeve Tee, which she purchased from the German supermarket a couple of weeks earlier.

She had opened the shirt to wear it to work, but soon discovered that one sleeve is significantly shorter than the other.

“I am pretty sure my wrist is going to be feeling the cold today,” she wrote.

“I bet someone had a laugh when they made and measured this!”

Her post attracted hundreds of comments, with many joking about the mistake.

“At least you don’t have to roll one sleeve up when doing the washing up,” one wrote.

“Well it does say long sleeve not long sleeves!” another commented.

“It's a new fashion trend don't you know?” one joked. “Like the half shirts covering nothing but boobs or the old fashioned one-shoulder tops. The new trend is a half covered arm. Aldi is bringing a new style in.”

Leonie said she ended up changing into a different shirt because “the unevenness would have driven me nuts”.