US psychic claims William Tyrrell is still alive and well in WA

US psychic claims William Tyrrell is still alive and well in WA

An American celebrity psychic has claimed that William Tyrrell is still alive and potentially located in Western Australia.

Pam Coronado, who shot to fame after helping locate a missing Californian woman in the late 1990s, was prompted by an Australian student during a lecture to look into the case of the missing NSW boy who disappeared in September 2014, True Crime Australia reported.

Tyrrell, then three years old, was last seen at his foster grandmother’s house in Kendall on the mid north coast of New South Wales wearing a Spider-Man suit.

“I just don’t think he is dead,” Coronado said.

“I expected him to not be alive and so, when I first tuned into him, I usually try to touchdown to where they are and immediately saw this kid eating a sandwich and I thought, ‘Ah he’s alive’.

“I kept feeling it was Western Australia, but it wasn’t clear for me. I kept thinking also he went to a private school, which I then went on to describe, and he appears to be with someone he knows.”

Coronado said Tyrrell seemed to be safe and happy. 

“He didn’t seem to be under duress, he seemed happy and it felt like the person he was with he felt happy and safe with. What blows my mind is that that can be possible.”

A police investigation into Tyrrell’s disappearance is ongoing, more than four years after he was reported missing. Authorities established that Tyrrell had been kidnapped after an extensive search around the rural NSW township.

$1 million reward for information that leads to Tyrrell’s recovery has yet to make a breakthrough.

The inquest into the case is scheduled to continue in August for four weeks.