The world's sexiest accent has been revealed

The world's sexiest accent has been revealed

When it comes to accents, is Aussie among the world’s sexiest? Apparently so, according to a new global survey.

Travel media company Big 7 Travel polled its readers across the globe on the world’s sexiest accent – and an unexpected candidate has come out on top of the list.

The “outrageously charming” New Zealand has taken the crown as the world’s sexiest accent, beating out other accents from over 7,000 languages.

“The ‘Newzild’ dialect is outrageously charming. The sexiest accent in the world? It’s official,” said the website.

“To a novice ear, the New Zealand accent might sound just like the Australian accent.”

Despite this, Australian only came in fifth. “Pronouncing words long and slow – and often skipping the ends of them completely – is a real turn on apparently.”

Other accents that made the top ten were South African, Irish, Italian, Scottish, French, Spanish, South USA and Brazilian Portuguese.

Different variations of the British accent also made the top 50, including Queen’s English at number 12, Mancunian at #18, Geordie at #41 and Welsh at #45.

A number of American accents were also found to be popular, with the Boston accent taking the 28th spot and the “fast and hypernasal” New York coming in at number 44.

See the full list of the top 50 sexiest accents here.