Bird or bunny? This video sends the Internet down the rabbit hole

Bird or bunny? This video sends the Internet down the rabbit hole

Is it a bird or a bunny? A new optical illusion has hit the Internet and had people debating.

It began when Daniel Quintana, a researcher in biological psychiatry at the University of Oslo in Norway, posted a video showing an animal being stroked.

“Rabbits love getting stroked on their nose,” Quintana wrote in the caption. However, when looked at another way, the ‘snout’ of the supposed rabbit resembled a bird’s neck, and the ‘ears’ open beak.

The video left many in confusion as to what the creature really is.

“Fam I can’t be the only one that sees a bird and a bunny,” one commented.

“I see a raven. Anyone else?” another wrote.

“I sat here for ages seeing someone petting a crow with its beak open to the air, and thinking “rabbits??”” one added.

Many said the video resurrected the old rabbit-duck dilemma.

Some people commented with pictures and videos of their own ‘rabbits’.

According to CNN, the animal in question is in fact a bird – specifically, an African white-necked Raven named Mischief. He is 18 years old and based in the World Bird Sanctuary in Valley Park, Missouri.

Paige Davis, curator of bird training at the sanctuary told CNN that Mischief is “a very talented bird”, with abilities to fly, paint, talk and more. “He even recycles cans and bottles, showing that recycling is so easy, a bird can do it,” Davis said. “His talents are endless.”