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Rare moment as funnyman Peter Helliar is brought to tears on The Project

Rare moment as funnyman Peter Helliar is brought to tears on The Project

Regular viewers of The Project may be used to seeing other co-hosts including Carrie Bickmore, break down during emotional segments - however this time it was funnyman Peter Helliar who had a moment on air. 

After a heartfelt story on the Channel Ten program, the comedian couldn’t help but shed a few tears when the camera panned to his face. 

The 44-year-old had an emotional momwnt after a segment telling the story of 18-year-old Ella Saunders who is recovering from a risky brain surgery to remove a dangerous tumour.

Ella has been on a lengthy road to recovery involving therapy and physiotherapy, with the help of her mother Tam. 

Carrie and Tommy Little took it upon themselves to give Ella a little surprise as she is a superfan of Taylor Swift. 

The singer was said to have been a great comfort during her difficult time. 

The teen was flown to Melbourne by the Channel 10 hosts, under the false pretense of having the opportunity to be apart of the audience of a show’s episode. What happened next was an incredible surprise for Ella - tickets to see Taylor Swift in Paris with her mum and three best friends. 

“You are so strong and resilient,” Carrie said to an ecstatic Ella.

“We also know that your family loves you very much. And that we couldn’t have done this surprise without one really important person in your life. Your mum.

You are not going to see a show tonight … you are going to Paris. You’ve bloody earnt it.”

At the end of the segment, a tearful Peter remarked: “Must be the first good news (all week).”

Tommy Little piped up: “I mean, it is such a gorgeous thing to do. It was so emotionally exhausting at work today, and you’ve just experienced it tonight.”

Despite the teary red eyes, Peter, who is a father-of-three could not resist the urge to crack a good joke. 

“The seats are pretty average. No, great seats! What an amazing young woman,” he said.