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Prince Philip involved in car crash: "Very shocked and shaken"

Prince Philip involved in car crash: "Very shocked and shaken"

Prince Philip got into a car crash whilst driving his Land Rover near Sandringham Estate. The Queen quickly rushed to the 97-year-old's side upon hearing the news.

The other passengers were transferred to hospital after the accident due to minor injuries and cuts.

The Duke was seen by a doctor at his medical facilities on the Sandringham Estate. He was later given the all clear.

As a witness helped the Duke out of the vehicle, he "was conscious but very shocked and shaken".

After the incident, Prince Philip and the female driver of the other vehicle were given a breathalyser reading at the scene and both gave negative readings.

Nick Cobb told BBC News: “A couple of cars coming towards us flashed their headlights. The first vehicle we saw was a Sandringham Estate Discovery police car, which is a plain car but with blue flashing lights.

“There was quite a bit of debris on the road so we had to go into the middle of the road and go past slowly. I saw a 4x4 on its side and a car next to it in a hedge. Six or eight ordinary cars all parked round with people helping, then just next to that a normal police car directing traffic.

“I couldn’t tell you whether [Prince Philip] was in or out of the vehicle that point, I’d say he was in. I didn’t know it was him at the time.”