Alarm bells: ALDI investigating "deadly" mistake

Alarm bells: ALDI investigating "deadly" mistake

ALDI is investigating a snack product sold at stores across Australia after complaints emerged that the item was incorrectly labelled.

A Victorian mother lodged a formal complaint with the supermarket chain after she bought a packet of “Natural Almonds” from ALDI’s homebrand Oh So Natural at a Melbourne store, only to find later that it was filled with peanuts.

In a post shared on a Facebook allergy group, the woman wrote the “package states almond though it’s packed with peanuts”.

Fellow shoppers expressed their outrage at the mispackaged peanut product, saying that the mistake could have grave consequences for unsuspecting customers with a peanut allergy.

“That’s a recall right there,” one wrote.

Another commented, “Deadly.”

An ALDI Australia spokesperson told news.com.au that the Food Authority had been alerted after the customer “claiming to have purchased a mislabelled product” reached out to the retailer.

“As the product is labelled ‘almonds’ and it is claimed to contain peanuts, we are moving at pace to validate this claim,” the spokesperson said.

“Since receiving this customer contact, our immediate action has been the review of all products in our stores and the stock in our warehouses.”

The supermarket said they have not discovered another case. 

The item in question has not yet been recalled. The spokesperson said a recall will be “immediately” announced if any further evidence to substantiate the woman’s claim is found.