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This viral hack on how to eat pineapple is shocking the internet

This viral hack on how to eat pineapple is shocking the internet

Hey pineapple fans, turns out you’ve been eating the fruit wrong your entire life.

What you’re about to witness is something that you most likely have never seen in your life, and it’s how you should have been eating pineapple a long time ago because it’s pure genius.

Taking to social media, Dillon Roberts shows a pineapple with the top cut off on his dining table.

Then, in an act of sorcery, he grabs a pineapple knob and pulls it from the fruit.

The result is a perfect section of pineapple ready to be devoured.

We’ve all been there – using all of our upper body strength to cut through the tough exterior of the berry (yes, pineapples are berries). But we suck it up and put in the hard yards since the inside is worth it.

Some prefer to eat it in rings, while others choose to consume it in cubes, either way, it’s delicious.

It didn’t take long for the video to gain traction, as 21-year-old UK student Lewis McCluskey tweeted the video complete with the caption: “I’m sorry but what the actual f***”.

The rest is history, as the video was retweeted over 43,000 times and liked by more than 130,000 people.

But despite the enormous success, some weren’t impressed saying the technique is common practice amongst traditional islander communities.

“Ya’ll should have visited the islands before bugging out with this pineapple peal trick,” wrote one user.

Whether you’re someone who is discovering this hack today, or have been doing for years, it’s pretty impressive, nonetheless.