The quick and easy way to treat vaginal atrophy

The quick and easy way to treat vaginal atrophy

In 2015, Sarah Livingstone was diagnosed with breast cancer.

The moment was one that can only be described as terrifying, but thankfully, due to a bilateral mastectomy and reconstruction, Sarah was able to fight the disease that consumes so many women’s lives each year.

But despite the success, the treatment gave Sarah adverse side effects, and she went into an early and sudden menopause. While hot flashes and mood swings are common symptoms of menopause, many fail to discuss how the process effects their relationships and sex life due to what happens in the vaginal region.

The perioperative nurse found sex to be incredibly painful, so in an attempt to get her life back on track, she participated in a trial involving the MonaLisa Touch laser treatment.

The rest was history.

Her symptoms improved dramatically, so Sarah partnered up with Dr Sally Lyttleton to start The Jade Room. A private and safe environment for women to undergo vaginal rejuvenation and restoration.

The Jade Room treats vaginal atrophy with the use of laser, which is not only effective, but quick and long lasting.

To find out more, watch Sarah and Dr Sally’s interview with Edwina Bartholomew below.