Body language expert explains: Why did Hamish always fidget with this wedding ring on Lego Masters?

Body language expert explains: Why did Hamish always fidget with this wedding ring on Lego Masters?

Channel Nine’s Lego Masters finally wrapped up its first season on Tuesday.

While there are many highlights from the show, one thing the viewers could not help but notice was the way host Hamish Blake regularly fiddled with his wedding ring while presenting.

According to a body language expert, the 37-year-old’s habit might be due to “nerves” on set.

“A wedding band is often an item of comfort, familiarity and fond memories – when this is the case, in a setting where one might feel nervous,” body language expert Holly Bartter told Daily Mail Australia.

“It’s a habit that likely Hamish isn’t even noticing himself.”

Bartter also said the ring might serve as a “grounding item” that helped Hamish focus during shootings. 

“A wedding band will immediately link Hamish back to his loved ones, so it's a grounding item which also may help him to refocus while he shoots,” said Bartter.

Another possible explanation is that the ring was uncomfortable in the filming studio. 

“Under hot studio lights, Hamish’s ring might simply feel a little uncomfortable when his hands are warmer,” said Bartter.

“It’s likely he’s rearranging his ring without even thinking about what he’s doing.”

Hamish has been married to author and entrepreneur Zoë Foster Blake for seven years, with the pair sharing two children – son Sonny, 5, and daughter Rudy, 1.

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On her Instagram account, Zoë shared that her husband gave her a special gift every time he returned from filming. 

“Hamish made me a little Lego thingy each time he went to set,” the 38-year-old mother wrote alongside a clip of a constructed toaster-shaped toy.

On Tuesday night, Henry and Cade were crowned as the show’s first winners after building a diorama of Poseidon battling a sea serpent. Alongside a Lego trophy, the pair also took home $100,000 in prize money.