Shannen Findlay


Who should give way? Motorist vs cyclist quiz sparks furious debate

Who should give way? Motorist vs cyclist quiz sparks furious debate

A road rules quiz that was meant to spark discussion on who should give way has instead left drivers frustrated and led to a furious debate. 

The RACQ posted to Facebook on Thursday a graphic depicting a yellow car travelling in a left lane and a cyclist not too far behind. 

The car wants to turn left while the cyclist wants to keep going straight. 

“The cyclist is catching up to the yellow vehicle in slow traffic, who gives way, the driver or cyclist?” the RACQ wrote.

While the answer was the cyclist needs to give way to the car, many took to the comments to complain about bike riders. 

“A cyclist must not ride past or overtake to the left of a vehicle that is indicating and turning left,” the RACQ wrote.

“If the vehicle was behind the cyclist near the intersection, the driver should slow down and turn behind the bicycle rider.”

One user commented beneath the post to write: “I won't give way to a cyclist ever I don't care what the rules are I pay rego and insurance they don’t.”

Another added: “Nanny law protects cyclists."

“They can ride wherever they like and expect motorists to get out of their way.”

“most cyclist would think they have the right of way anyway, and just power through and sue the driver for not giving way,” another person wrote. 

However, cyclists did not take the lashings lying down. 

“Nice to know as a cyclist I can stop paying income tax and council rates then,” one man wrote. 

Another comment read: “I pay rego, and I ride a bike, which incidentally, doesn't cause wear and tear on the road like your car does.”