Fri, 15 Mar, 2019Shannen Findlay

The road rule sparking furious debate: Who has the right of way?

The road rule sparking furious debate: Who has the right of way?

What is perhaps one of the most confusing road rules yet has left some drivers stumped.

The Department of Transport in Western Australia posted a graphic to Facebook of three vehicles at an intersection, asking motorists which order each car must go in.

The post shows three cars – silver, blue and red – at an uncontrolled three-way intersection.

The road has no clear line markings, although each car indicates with arrows which way they intend to travel.

The blue vehicle wants to turn right across the silver car’s path who intends to drive straight.

A red car also wants to turn right and sits on the opposite side of the road from the silver car. The red car intends to cross the paths of both the silver and the blue car.

Many Facebook users believed the silver car had the right of way, insisting the answer is quite obvious.

“If anyone doesn't know the answer to this basic question, they should hand their licence back,” one person wrote.  

“First - Silver is continuing on the same road. Second- Red turning from the continuing road,” another user said.

“Third - Blue. That road is terminating and must wait until the intersection is clear before continuing.”

Other motorists made a joke of the quiz, commenting whichever driver went first was simply the quickest.

“Silver, red, blue... but because we're in Western Australia all three will go at the same time,” one user wrote.

“Depends on who has the bigger vehicle doesn't it?” another comment read.

The post amassed over 90 comments from Facebook users around the country, some consisting of confused motorists, others sure of their answers.

Transport WA put the matter to rest though.

“Great to see so many of you get this one right!” Transport WA wrote.

“The order is grey, red and blue. At an uncontrolled three-way intersection, you must give way to all vehicles travelling on the continuing road.”

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