Tue, 5 Mar, 2019Shannen Findlay

The most confusing road rule yet! Who has the right of way?

The most confusing road rule yet! Who has the right of way?

A driving scenario has left motorists scratching their heads as argument ensued over what the correct Australian road rule should be.

A scene detailed by the Queensland Department of Roads and Traffic on Monday left drivers very confused at who exactly had the right of way.

The driving scenario shared on Facebook showed a three-lane highway with a car in the outside lanes and the middle lane empty.

Both cars had their indicators on to move to the middle lane, which posed the question who has the right of way.

The post attracted hundreds of motorists who commented on the post to share their opinions – however, many were shocked when told they were wrong.

Mostly the comments were filled with the belief the car in the right lane had the right of way, given the popular driving courtesy that you should always give way to the right.

Some also said the car whose indicator went on should have the right to move first.

The answer, given by the Queensland Department surprised many of the commenters which said neither car actually has the right of way.

In the scenario given by the department's Facebook page, cars should wait for the other to make a move first and carefully proceed from there.

“'When changing lanes, you must give way to any vehicle in the lane you are moving into,” the page clarified.

“In this instance, both vehicles must give way to each other. 

“The drivers need to wait until it becomes clear that it is safe for one of them to continue to complete the lane change.”

While the situation could be extremely risky and dangerous, many motorists pointed out it was actually unlikely to happen.

“Why would the left car merge into middle lane anyway?” one person asked.

“This question is dumb, no one ever leaves the right lane!” another commented.

Some motorists saw the comedic side to the post, with one commenting: “Can you show pics of the aftermath, it will be easier for me to decide then.”

“Red car because we all know that red cars are faster,” another wrote.

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