Bunnings motorbike parking job condemned

Bunnings motorbike parking job condemned

A motorbike driver has been slammed on social media for parking on a yellow hatched area in a Bunnings carpark.

In a post shared in the Australian Disability Parking Wall of Shame Facebook group, one man shared how he had busted a motorcyclist parking in a section between two disabled parking spots.

The photograph showed that the bike had parked on a hatched area with yellow lines and a pole in the carpark of the Bunnings in the Geelong region, in Victoria.

“He explained to me that motor bikes can park anywhere, even on foot paths. Besides there is no sign saying NO BIKE PARKING,” the man said.

“I tried to explain to him how ignorant he was, but it fell on deaf ears.”

A dozen of comments blasted the motorcyclist’s decision to park in the space that had been reserved for disabled people so they can enter and exit their car safely.

“The motorbike can’t park wherever they want,” one person wrote.

“They just think they own the roads and the rules and they don’t have common sense.”

“Motorbike riders seem to think the laws don’t apply to them. I’ve seen this happen so many times at shopping centres, and security don’t seem to care either,” another added.

Others hoped that the motorcyclist would be taught a lesson, saying: “I’m not one to advocate vandalism, but it’d be karma if the wind (!) blew it over.”

Others however felt the treatment of the motorcyclist was unfair, pointing out that rules for where they can park are not always clear.

“My daughter recently obtained her learners licence. In no part anywhere in the written test is any mention of the hatched area being linked with the (disabled carpark) beside it,” one person commented.

“And if they took up a whole parking space for a bike people would still whine,” another said.

Others argued however that it is still unethical to park somewhere even if they legally are allowed to.

“I ride a motorcycle. I don’t give a flying f**k what the law says! I would never park on a cross hatched area impeding disability ingress and egress. It’s not just whether or not you CAN park there, it’s also about whether or not you SHOULD!!!!” one person said.

Another joked: “No rule stating I can’t park my car on top of his bike, I mean there is no signage for it!”

Vic Road’s website states that motorcycles can be parked on footpaths, but cannot block access to parked cars or pedestrians.