How the royals will age: See what they will look like in 40 years

How the royals will age: See what they will look like in 40 years

The British royal family has been hit with the latest craze on social media known as FaceApp. The new app shows users what they'll look like as they get older, as the app ages skin, darkens teeth and lightens hair.

The Mirror put select members of the British royal family through the app, including Duchess Meghan and Princess Eugenie.

Many users of the app have suggested that they will age remarkably well, whereas others are unhappy with their results.

The photos have quickly gone viral as Prince Harry and Prince William look like their grandfather Prince Philip in the photos. The royal siblings both sport deep-set wrinkles, larger ears and in Harry’s case, a white head of hair and a matching beard.

Duchess Meghan, Prince Harry and the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge look very different after using the app, but how accurate do you think they are?

Fans were quick to compare them to other celebrities and members of the royal family.

One Twitter user wrote: "Harry looks like John McEnroe and yes I'm serious :)."

Another added: "Tindall looks like Uncle Albert?!!"

Scroll through the gallery above to see what the royal family looks like using the filter.

Photo credit: The Mirror