"Dangerous": Kmart hack slammed for being an extreme fire hazard

"Dangerous": Kmart hack slammed for being an extreme fire hazard

A Facebook group that is known to criticise people for their Kmart “hack” fails has gone into overdrive after the latest “hack” has proven to be an obvious danger.

A photo shared on Wednesday showed a weird way a Kmart fan has repurposed the $25 Glass Base Lamp that comes with a white lampshade.

The glass base lampshade is clearly a hit as Kmart “hackers” have taken to putting plants in the base.

The image reads: “Kmart $25 lamps, plants from Bunnings”.

Many were quick to point out that the plants inside the base probably won’t survive.

“I bet the plant is enjoying the intense light and heat it’s subjected to every time the lamp comes on,” one user wrote.

Someone saw the obvious risks with watering the plants and decided to make a pun.

“It would be shockingly difficult to water them,” they said.

Another user saw the immediate downside to having a plant in the glass base lamp.

“Who wouldn’t want a lamp filled up with dirt?” they wrote.

Another fan sent through a glass base lamp with a fish inside.

One fan was quick to point out that the fish is suffering from the risk of electrocution from being in the lamp.

“I don’t care about the painting on the lamp or how they decorate their homes, don’t even care if someone is silly enough to mix water and electricity, but if any of the above results in the suffering of a fish or animal then yes it makes me angry.”

Another asked if the people who make these designs “have a brain”.

“I think I’m about to have a heart attack do these people not have a brain!!”