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Australia falls to 62nd place in global internet speed rankings

Australia falls to 62nd place in global internet speed rankings

Australia is still lagging behind the rest of the world when it comes to the speed of our internet, and another test has proven this.

The country has dropped to 62nd place in a global ranking of broadband speeds, which puts Australia behind a number of developing countries, including Kosovo and Barbados.

The data comes from Ookla Speedtest, which is a company that provides an online speed test service for internet users.

Australia has fallen three places, despite achieving a slightly higher average speed compared to previous months.

The global average speed of internet is 57.91 megabits per second (MBPS), and Australian households reach an average speed of 35.11MBPS.

Number one on the list was Singapore, who tops the list with a very fast 199.62MBPS, which is more than 5.6 times faster than the speed of Australia.

However, given the size of the two countries, with Australia having a large landscape compared to Singapore’s small and highly populated city nation, it’s not a fair comparison.

The other countries included in the top five are also small nations, which include Hong Kong, Monaco, Romania and South Korea.

America comes in at number 8, with an average internet speed of 117.31MBPS.

A spokesperson for the NBN has defended Australia’s position in the ranking and pointed to improvements in speed over the past year.

“This step change in the average speed of fixed broadband performance points to an overall improvement in speeds once customers connect to the NBN,” the spokesperson said to