Why Doris Day's grandson was "cut off" from seeing her

Why Doris Day's grandson was "cut off" from seeing her

Doris Day’s grandson has revealed that he was prevented from seeing his grandmother in the final years of her life by her manager.

Ryan Melcher, the only child of Day’s late son Terry Melcher, wrote in a statement that he found out about the iconic actress’s passing through social media.

Doris died on Monday at the age of 97 from pneumonia.

Melcher, who works as a real estate agent, shared that he had “not been allowed to see my grandmother for quite some time” due to his parents’ divorce.

After his father’s death in 2004 from melanoma, Ryan was invited to a dinner with Doris. However, according to him, Doris' new manager intervened before the meeting took place.

“I was asked by this man: 'Why do you want to see Doris?' I was shocked not only at the question, but also that it was coming from someone who was a stranger and outsider,” Ryan wrote.

“I just responded, 'Um... She is my grandmother!'

“He replied, 'I’m afraid you aren’t going to be able to see your grandmother,' citing the divorce between my parents as his excuse.”

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Ryan continued, “Looking back, I should have said more; should have drove to her home and not let a stranger come between us, but unfortunately the tall fences and 24-hour guard under her new business manager’s direction prevented me taking a stand and reconnecting with my family. She had been so happy to talk to me and we were both excited for our upcoming dinner together just a week before, and this man was clearly manipulating the situation.”

He said he would continue to look back on his memories with her fondly, as he spent a lot of time with her in his childhood. 

“I would go to her home every day after school and those are memories I will always cherish,” he wrote. “She instilled a drive and confidence that I will carry with me the rest of my life.”

In a statement, the Doris Day Animal Foundation said that the actress died at her home in California “surrounded by a few close friends”.