5 of the most romantic movies ever made

5 of the most romantic movies ever made

Keep a box of tissues handy and reunite with old friends from 15 of the greatest romantic movies ever made.

1. An Affair to Remember, 1957

Deborah Kerr and Cary Grant are the lovers we couldn’ t take our eyes off in the 1957 remake of Love Affair(1939). Director Leo McCarey is responsible for both films, but An Affair to Remember is more widely cited as a romantic classic. Though both Nickie (Grant) and Terry (Kerr) are betrothed to others at the beginning of the film, a chance meeting between the pair leads to a promise to rendezvous at the top of the Empire State Building in six months time. You’ ll be asking ... will they? Won’t they? Where are the tissues? 

2. The Notebook, 2004

The Notebook is undoubtedly the most popular romantic film of the 21st century. The film was responsible for creating an instant heartthrob out of Ryan Gosling (Noah) and a highly sought-after actress in Rachel McAdams (Allie). The film adaptation of Nicolas Sparks’ novel has it all: star-crossed lovers, jealousy, kissing in the rain, rowboat rides and steamy passion. The story is told from the protagonist’ s point of view as he regales his wife – who is suffering Alzheimer's disease – with their epic romance that blossomed in the 1940s and endured through decades of marriage and raising children. Keep the tissues handy!

3. Dirty Dancing, 1988

Following the ugly-ducking-turned-beautiful-swan plotline, Dirty Dancing is a musical romantic comedy that bought us stellar lines such as, “I carried a watermelon” and “Nobody puts Baby in a corner.” Taking place at the exclusive Kellerman’ s Resort in the Catskill Mountains (Lake Lure) during the summer of 1963, the music and choreography is superb. Patrick Swayze is the main man Johnny, who works as a very popular dance instructor at the resort. Baby is vacationing with her wealthy family and is instantly taken with the dreamy dancer. In between practicing lifts in the lake, Baby and Johnny dance their way to love, and the rest is history.

4. Harold and Maude, 1971

This film is poignant and surprising. The black comedy is absurd and focuses on a well-to-do 20 year old who drives a hearse for kicks and harbours a deep fascination with death. Meanwhile Maude is a vivacious 80-year-old Holocaust survivor who attends funerals with alarming frequency. The two strike up a very unlikely friendship that will mark a turning point in each of their lives. Unconventional but profound and romantic in its own unique way.

5. Pretty Woman, 1990

More than twenty-five years after Julia Robert played Vivian, the most loveable prostitute in the profession’s long history, Pretty Woman is still a trusted go-to movie night option. Her chemistry with leading man and business tycoon Edward (Richard Gere) was Cinderella-esque and so electric the movie holds the title as one of the highest grossing films in the romance genre.

Written by Louise Smithers. Republished with permission of Wyza.com.au.