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Surprising new detail: Was Princess Diana pregnant when she passed away?

Surprising new detail: Was Princess Diana pregnant when she passed away?

Many conspiracy theories surrounding the night Diana, Princess of Wales, died have swirled around as the world wonders what happened that fateful night.

It was on August 31, 1997 when Diana, her companion Dodi Al-Fayed and their driver Henri Paul passed away in a car crash. The bodyguard to the princess Trevor Rees-Jones also suffered from several injuries.

However, there is speculation the three victims were not the only ones who died in the tunnel that night.

One of the big questions that continues to linger is whether Diana was in fact pregnant.

Weeks before the fatal accident, tabloids speculated the Princess might be with child, a notion supported by the fact she had allegedly told friends she was to reveal a “big surprise".

In 2003, The Independent reported there was a covering up of a pregnancy the night Diana died, so as to avoid embarrassment for her family.

The insider, a “top French policeman,” stated documents confirming the pregnancy were kept hidden away from the public and the media.

The conspiracy theory surrounding the alleged pregnancy is supported by the belief that the fact the future King of England, Prince William, might have a Muslim half-sibling would have been deeply unacceptable to the British establishment, who then went to extreme measures to keep this information from coming to light.

This theory is supported by Dodi’s father, billionaire and former owner of Harrods, Mohamad Al-Fayed who believed her “pregnancy” was a key reason behind the sinister circumstances his son, the Princess and their driver faced that night.

However, both French and English inquests looking into the Princess of Wales’ death supported the notion that the accident was caused by Henri Paul who was speeding under the influence, while attempting to evade paparazzi that night.

 A new book by Professor Angela Gallop, who is one of the UK’s leading forensic scientists, has revealed new details about the Princess that night.

Gallop reviewed evidence samples taken at the crash site of Diana’s blood. The investigation that took place was part of the 2004 Operation Paget initiated by the Queen’s coroner who asked police to look into a number of concerns regarding the Princess’ death – including whether she was expecting.

Princess Diana and Dodi Al-Fayed.

The book, which was extracted in The Times, explained: “The blood transfusions the princess had received after the accident might have complicated the pregnancy test.

“So the best sample for testing was some blood that had been recovered from the carpet in the footwell of her seat in the Mercedes.”

Gallop’s team confirmed that Diana was not pregnant when she died in 1997 as the blood samples revealed a pregnancy hormone (Human Chorionic Gonadotrophin or HCG) was not detected.

However, the intriguing tests did reveal fascinating information about Diana at the time of her death.

The Princess had been dating Dodi for six weeks at the time and the blood tests reveal she had not been taking the pill when she died.

Although there were other options available at the time to prevent pregnancy and STDs, the detail has intrigued the public and the media.

Near the Pont de l’Alma tunnel where the fatal accident occurred, is a plaque honouring the life of the Princess and those who died with her in 1997.

Since it was first put up in 2002, it has become a shrine for supporters to mourn her life.