Shannen Findlay


The 4 best iPhone puzzle games

The 4 best iPhone puzzle games

Looking for a way to test yourself? Here are four puzzle games you can download on your Iphone.

1. 1010

1010 challenges players to position shapes in a 10x10 grid. If you manage to place shapes to form a complete line, the line disappears and creates more space which you use to make more lines. Downside of the fun: It’s a less frantic-typed Tetris and although the app is free, it comes with ads.

2. Pair Solitaire

The game involves matching pairs that are separated by just one card. The goal is to clear as many cards from a standard deck of 52 as possible. The app is free and can be a fun strategy-based game.

3. Prune

The puzzling game may be the challenge you’ve been waiting for. The challenge comes by helping tree branches find sunlight to grow flowers. You must nip off new branches growing in the wrong direction and get your tree through certain obstacles.

4. Threes!

It’s a fun math game that challenges players by asking them to slide all numbers on a board together in one of four directions. Squishing two matching numbers together creates the sum of the numbers.