A life in pictures: Colin Firth turns 59!

A life in pictures: Colin Firth turns 59!

British actor Colin Firth is celebrating 59 laps around the sun today. 

Firth is widely known for starring in blockbuster hits including Love Actually, The King’s Speech, and Mamma Mia. 

The charming Hollywood veteran reached a new high in his career in 2010 when he was nominated for Best Actor at the Oscars. He didn’t take out the win then, but it wasn’t long before he deservedly claimed the trophy as his own in 2011 for The King’s Speech. 

The film also went on to earn a BAFTA and a Golden Globe. 

"I have a feeling my career just peaked," he joked, as he accepted his incredible award back in 2011 and dedicated it to his mother, Shirley. 

He thanked "all the people who have been rooting for me back home" and his wife Livia for "putting up with my fleeting delusions of royalty". 

"I think I'm feeling not joy – but relief that it's over. That seems to be the default position. You could say I'm grateful – and relieved," he said. 

Colin Firth has been married to Livia Giuggioli since 1997 and he has three songs, Will, 28, Luca, 18, and Matteo, 16. 

Scroll through the gallery above to see Colin Firth's life in pictures.