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Everybody loves to splurge on holidays especially when you’ve been given free credit! Here’s how to score yourself some free cash.

Grab a deal

With so many cruise lines now sailing out of Australia, they will all be competing hard for your business. You can book a great deal at any time of year and, alongside things like free upgrades or 50 per cent off for a second passenger, you’ll find onboard credit. Do your research and you could easily score yourself hundreds of dollars to spend onboard at no extra cost.

Book through an agent

Specialised cruise travel agents develop strong relationships with the lines and will be able to secure you the best price. As part of their offering, they can also throw in some free onboard credit. This could be with an individual shopfront agent or one of the larger online third parties, so look around for the best offers. And if you don’t see anything advertised directly, it never hurts to ask!

Stay loyal to a line

Most major cruise lines will have a dedicated loyalty scheme that operates sort of like a frequent flyer program. Cruise multiple times with the one line and they will reward you with special fares, upgrades and (you guessed it) onboard credit. Make sure you use your unique identification number every time you book so that you don’t miss out on any of your points.

Book another cruise

If you’re loving your cruise, take advantage of the onboard sales office and book another one right away. You’ll be able to take advantage of exclusive offers that you won’t find on land and many of these include onboard credit. The line will be eager to get you to sign up again before you can look at other ships, so it’s a chance for you to grab some big bonuses.

Make the best of a bad situation

When something goes wrong on a cruise (like a change of itinerary, missing a port or a fault with your cabin) the line will very often compensate you with onboard credit. We’re not saying you can create a problem to grab some cash, but if you have a legitimate problem then alert the crew as soon as possible and see if they can offer you some in exchange.