airbnb breakfast

Airbnb has given regular home owners the opportunity to exercise their talents as bed and breakfasts hosts. However, many people forget to pay too much attention to the ‘breakfast’ part.

Whether you’re a Grade-A chef or more of a connoisseur of baked beans on toast, catering for your guests can be easy with these handy tips.

1. Always provide essentials

There’s a reason your guests have chosen to stay with you, rather than a hotel. There is an expectation that they will have access to some creature comforts, so make sure that the cupboard is stocked with no-frills essentials like sugar, coffee and tea.

2. Offer continental

The next step up from essentials, is offering continental breakfast goods. This can include cereal, milk, fruit juice, bread, crumpets, an assortment of jams, or anything easy for you to keep around and keep stocked between guests.

3. Have a cooked breakfast option

Your guests should in no way expect that you will cook them a hot meal, but it could be a clever way to earn some extra money. In your welcome note to your guests, mention that you will be happy to provide breakfast for a small fee. Around $10-15 is more than fair.

4. Don’t feel obliged

Most importantly, don’t feel obliged to go over the top with catering for your guests. As much as sharing a few meals and providing the staples is friendly, remember, you’re doing this for the money too. You don’t want your costs to start to exceed your returns.

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