It’s not every day you see a horse feeding a baby cow, but that’s the reality for two unlikely friends on a Queensland farm. After a newborn calf became separated from its mother on Tuesday, it sought nourishment elsewhere – a childless mare named Moonshine.

Despite the horse not lactating, the two formed an incredible bond, with cattle grazier Gerda Glasson explaining Moonshine had essentially become the calf’s adoptive mother.

“Yes, she still thinks the calf is hers,” she said. “She has not started lactating so we are bottle feeding it but Moonshine is keeping a close eye on things. The calf is starting to realise though that the humans have the food and not his adoptive mum.”

Speaking to the ABC, Glasson said the behaviour is something she’s “never seen before”. Witness their close relationship for yourself in the video above and tell us in the comments below, has your pet ever “adopted” another animal?

Credit: Gerda Glasson via Storyful.