These everyday seniors are achieving amazing things in their retirement. From athletic feats to achieving dreams of their youth, be inspired by these people not letting their age stop them from achieving their favourite things in life.

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1. Hidekichi Miyazaki – Sprinter, 106

Hidekichi broke his own record as the ‘Oldest Competitive Sprinter’ in the world. He has been nicknamed Japan’s Golden Bolt.

2. Ruth Flowers (aka Mamy Rock) – DJ, 80-something

Though DJ Mamy rock passed away in 2014, she forged an incredible legacy for herself. She travelled for sz years and released three singles while being a DJ.

3. Greta Pontarelli – Pole dancer, 66

Greta is currently the world’s oldest international Pole Sport and Pole Art Champion. She is an award-wining gymnast and martial artist and once performed with Chuck Norris’ stunt team.

4. Hip Op-eration – Hip Hop troupe, ages 67-95

This vibrant Kiwi group have all had hip operations but have competed in the 2013 World Hip Hop Dance Competition in Las Vegas. They have gone viral and started from a flash mob in Auckland 2012.

5. Min Bahadur Sherchan – Adventurer, 84

Min became the oldest person in 2008 to stand on the highest peak on Mt Everest. His climbing rival beat his record in 2013 and so Min is making plans to re-climb the highest peak in the world.

6. Bette Calman – Yoga instructor, 90

Bette retired from instructing yoga at 87 and racked up almost 60 years of teaching. She pioneered a lot in Australian yoga and is more flexible than her grandson.

7. Jiro Ono – Sushi supremo, 90-something

Jiro is a chef at an exclusive sushi restaurant that only sits ten. A documentary Jiro Dreams of Sushi was made by Anthony Bourdain and made the chef even more of a sushi sensation.

8. Emma Morano – World’s oldest person, 117

Emma from Northern Italy recently turned 117. She has been single since her divorce in 1938 and believes that is the key to her longevity.