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Anne Sinclair, 68, was born in England but spent most of her youth in Darwin, Northern Territory. Now in a position to travel and explore the world, Anne looks forward to sharing her personal experience and encourages others to step out and have fun.   

Whilst holidaying in Asia recently, mainly staying in a not-too-crowded, not-too-touristy lovely town in Bali, called Ubud, I discovered a little school called Taman Permata Hati, which offers before and after school activities, and many great learning programmes for orphaned children. Honestly, I had not travelled to Bali with any intention of being involved, but this neat little school and the extremely keen-to-learn children, invites you to want to be involved.

The lady in charge is Ayu. Ayu is very approachable and speaks great English. Actually, most of the children who I met there, manage the English language quite well. If they don't, you can have some fun doing charades and laughing as you work things out!

I had learned the piano during my primary school years (many, many moons ago) so I decided to re-engage and share some of these rusty skills, with the kids. The school has a music programme and a keyboard, so it was all up hill from here. It could be as easy as this for you too… and like me, you could wallow in the sheer enjoyment of the children as they learn something new. I see it as a win, win situation.

Taman Permata Hati also encourages the children to take part in community functions. The music group holds their own theatre dances and singing exhibitions, sometimes raising funds for their very existence. The children are usually quite shy, but as they interact more and more in this medium, they are becoming quite confident.


Ubud is just an hour from the Denpasar airport. The English speaking taxi drivers will take you to Ubud, for around $30 Australian. If you are travelling with friends, then it can become even easier and cheaper, as you share this expense. Too easy!

The community in this area are mainly Hindu, and hold their almost magical ceremonies almost every week. Street parades are such an interesting event – highlighting the whole community and their beautiful love of bright colourful traditional dress, and such deep-seated respect for their faith. The streets become a scurry of respectful enjoyment, with even motor vehicles pausing to allow the joyful congregation to pass. Have your camera ready because it truly is memorable!

Ubud offers excellent and varied accommodation. I am happy to recommend Warji House 2. The staff are excellent, the position of this accommodation is central (and nicely positioned on a quieter street). You can Google this for more information. Taxi’s are in abundance for your pleasant ten minute trip to Taman Permata Hati.

Just take a little time and see what you think. 

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