boost motivation

When you feel unmotivated it can be tough to get things done. Even simple tasks can feel like a drag. At home, this can mean a messy house with no clean clothes to wear, and at work it can mean deadlines are missed and potentially jobs are on the line.

So if your “get up and go” has got up and gone, follow our tips below to help you get it back.

1. Remember how you feel in the moment

Sometimes the task on our mental to-do list just looks plain boring and we don’t want to do it. But often when we are in the moment (or finished it) we can feel a real sense of accomplishment. For instance you might dread sending off your invoice for the consulting work you do, it seems like so much effort to get all of your paperwork together. But what about that great feeling when your pay packet goes into your account? Remember the positive aspects of the task (which can be hard when you have 99 other things on your list of jobs) and this can help push you to get it done.

2. Play the “so that” game

Sometimes when you are in the trenches it can be hard to see that what you are doing has meaning, or is worthwhile. Try this simple trick. Say to yourself, “I need to do this task so that…” and fill in the reason. For instance “I need to pack away the laundry so that my room feels comfortable and relaxing before I go to bed.” Or “I need to finish this report so that I can get paid enough money to support my family.” This helps you zero in on why you need to do what you do.

3. Do it your way

Sometimes there is a more fun way to complete a task. For instance you might hate mopping, but what if you could do it while you blast the music from the stereo and have a dance around at the same time? You might be worried about a speech that you need to write, but what if you could write it in a room with a sea view, cold drink in hand? Now that sounds pretty good, doesn’t it?

How do you get inspired, and get your motivation back? We would love to hear from you in the comments.

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